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Welcome to Dominion Worship Center; we are more than just a community of Christians, we are family!


If you're looking for churches near Fort Campbell where you can instantly feel at home and at ease with everyone around, DWC is the perfect place for you. DWC is a non-denominational church where everyone is welcome to attend any and all our services.  


​As devout Christians, we believe it is our duty to bear witness to God's kindness, generosity, and love. We believe that it is our responsibility to find those who have lost their way and bring them back on the right track towards God's promise of salvation.

Dominion Digging Deeper (3D)

Children's Ministry is provided every Sunday morning for ages 2-12. This is a time for them to enjoy learning the word of God on their level of understanding through inspiring and engaging activities. There's something for everyone at DWC.

Marriage Enrichment

Every 3rd Sunday of each month, our covenant partners join together to discuss marriage topics and biblical truths concerning covenant relationships. A three strand cord is not easily broken. Allow God to be the bond that keeps it all together.

Happy Family
Football Coach

The Men's Ministry is a journey of true manhood begins with a personal relationship with God. Men of all ages come together to learn the Word and become the men that God has called them to be.

Sister Circle

The Women's Ministry is a place where diverse women connect, build rich friendships, and experience God in a life-transforming way. Dominion women are strong – strong in the love of God, strong in relationships, and

strong in acts of service.

Female College Students
Bible Lesson
Spiritual Trainings


Foundations is a discipleship training to help new believers establish key biblical foundations and jumpstart their walk with God.

Divorce Care

Divorce Care is a support group to bring hope and healing to those who have recently divorced and moving towards a new phase of life.

D.R.O.P. Ministry

Dominion Reaches Out to People. We believe our mission as a church is to impact and serve the community. Together we volunteer at food pantries, have community events, and develop donation drives to service the people in our city.

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